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              According to Luke 9:6, “And they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where ’’, believers from the church go into the villages and find avenues to plant churches there. In villages where churches have been established, believers assemble in large numbers to worship the Lord and new believers are added to the church every week. A fruit borne as a result of this ministry is the birth of a new branch church in Korattur during April 2007.

             Firmly rooting this church requires the purchase of a land and a building to be constructed. We kindly request you to uphold us in our prayers. A branch church is being supported in Cheyyar (Thiruvanamalai District). A dedicated ministry oriented family which can reside there and minister to the community is the urgent need of this church. Kindly pray for the fulfillment of this need.

             If the Lord's calling for you is in the village ministry, do contact us. Bro. Anandaraj goes to the village on all Sundays and conducts the worship service there. Do uphold him and his family in your prayers. He can be contacted on 99475 75829. Six months training will be given to those who are interested and burdened about reaching the lost souls in far flung villages in the land.

             You can also come forward to support those who undergo this training programme. Applications forms are available in the church premises. Classes start on April 1 st. As a church we go the villages once a month on a Saturday from 7.00 am to 7.00 pmand we invite you join with us on this trailblazing activity.

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